Classic 5kw multi fuel
Classic 5kw multi fuel
The little sister to the impressive Classic 8 Stove, the Classic 5 Clean Burn Multi Fuel Stove is packed with design details and rests on chunky, contemporary feet. With a heat output of 4.9KW, it’s the perfect way to make a feature of a small chimney breast whilst keeping the room warm and cosy. The Classic 5 Stove from Gallery was one of the new additions to the gallery fireplace range from 2011, made from cast iron it has robust looks and a design sure to please. One of the best selling DEFRA approved stoves we have. Shown with brick chamber suite granite hearth and false oak beam Stove Features DEFRA Approved for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood 4.9KW Output no room vent required Top and Rear Flue option External riddling grate Clay brick lined Black and Chrome handles included Suitable for use with wood and multifuel Good size viewing window for stove size Flue Options Flue Size 5" (127mm) Flue Options Top and Rear Flue If you need Flue pipe add as extra
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Classic 5kw stove package
Classic 5kw stove package
The newest addition to the gallery range of stoves is the Classic 5 Cleanburn Stove. This stove is suitable to burn wood or smokeless coal in smoke controlled zones. It's a small stove but with an impressive large viewing window. As with all the Gallery range of stoves this is a great stove at a great price. This fantastic package includes Multi fuel stove, 2 granite hearths, decorative backing for around stove and geocast beam with lights.
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Black and Chrome interchangeable handles
  • Suitable for use in smoke control zones
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Sale! Dovre 203 sense DEFRA
Dovre 203 sense DEFRA
With a compact body and subtle curving details, the Sense 203 is a sensational new addition to the growing collection of Dovre’s contemporary cast iron stoves. Mounted on an integral log box, this highly efficient wood burning stove also features stunning glass side panels to emphasise the exceptional swirling flames produced by Dovre’s very latest Cleanburn system. Available in four striking colour finishes, this contemporary wood burning stove will offer a big style statement to many homeowners looking for a less conventional appliance.
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Sale! Dovre 425
Dovre 425

Dovre 425 Cast Iron Stove

The Dovre 425 multi-fuel stove has the style and performance to bring a warming glow to many a home. The wood burning stove version features Dovre’s latest Cleanburn system whilst the multi-fuel stove version comes complete with a riddling grate and is capable of burning a variety of solid fuels or logs. It also incorporates an Airwash system to help keep the window clean to give you spectacular views of the flames. This Dovre 425 is also available as a gas or electric stove
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Sale! Dovre astroline 3MF
Dovre astroline 3MF
With sleek and contemporary styling, Dovre's new Astroline 3 stove not only offers you an exceptional view of the fire but also a choice of two distinctive variants as well as either woodburning or multi fuel versions of each. The state of the art cleanburn combustion system provides stunning flames within the firebox and these can be seen from more than 180° thanks to the angled glass side panels and the large main window. Combustion and efficiency is also aided by an outside air connection which can reduce draughts within your room. Choose from the Astroline 3CB stove with a pedestal, or alternatively, the design with a wood store base.
  • All cast iron construction
  • Woodburning or Multi-fuel versions
  • Cleanburn and Airwash System
  • Outside Combustion Air Facility
  • Maximum output 10kW
  • Efficiency 75%
  • Flue diameter 150mm (6inch) top or rear outlet
  • Weight 158-171kg
  • Dimensions (mm) H1140 W515 D420
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Sale! Dovre bold 300
Dovre bold 300

Dovre Bold 300 Cast Iron Stoves

Minimalist Nordic styling abound, the Bold 300 offers a truly contemporary take on the wood burning stove. Featuring a tall firebox with a curved viewing window, the 300 rests on a four-point stand and is available in Matt Black, Pure White Enamel or Grey Enamel finishes. Generating superb flame visuals with an ample 7kW of heat, the Bold wood burning stove range employs advanced Cleanburn and Airwash technology, burning at up to 80% efficiency. This stunning wood burning stove rangealso includes the 400 with integrated storage base.
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Sale! Dovre Sense 100
Dovre Sense 100

Dovre Sense 100 Cast Iron Stoves

Featuring a slim & compact firebox, subtle curving details and elegant legs, the Dovre Sense 100 wood burning stove is a brand new addition to the Dovre range. With a heat output of up to 5kW, this contemporary cast iron stove also has a high efficiency of 80%. This highly efficient wood burning stove incorporates the latest state-of-the-art Cleanburn and Airwash systems to offer you with the most outstanding flame picture through its large, portrait window. Available in four striking colour finishes, the Sense 100 will be a perfect addition to a wide variety of contemporary homes.
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Evergreen 6.8kw stove
Evergreen 6.8kw stove
Evergreen – A range of multifuel stoves to suit all rooms Evergreen stoves deliver warmth, satisfaction and quality to your home, and offer outstandingly good value for money. The Evergreen range of multi-fuel stoves includes models from 6kw to 16kw, in a variety of styles, single or double door stoves with airwash system. Most are available with boilers and all are CE approved.
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Firefox 5kw multi fuel stove
Firefox 5kw multi fuel stove
The Firefox 5 Multifuel / Woodburning Stove is a best seller in the Firefox 'family' of stoves which have been developed with aesthetics, efficiency and flexibility in mind. Whatever your requirements, traditional or contemporary, there is a Firefox stove to fulfil your needs. The Firefox 5 multi fuel stove has an efficiency rating of 78% and has a new improved handle and air control mechanism making it easy to operate. The Firefox 5 stove is built from premium cast iron which radiates 5kW of heat into your room, the airwash control also means you get a clear view of the flames whilst the stove is in opperation. Features
  • Cast iron construction
  • Controlled Airwash
  • No additional ventilation required
  • Top or Rear flue
  • 10 Year warranty
  • 78% Efficiency
  • Supplied with mitten
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Firefox 8kw Multi-fuel Stove
Firefox 8kw Multi-fuel Stove
With all of the classic design features of the Firefox 5, the Firefox 8 Multi Fuel Stove really can’t be beaten for the price. With a heat output of up to 8.5KW, it'll heat up any room beautifully, without overwhelming the space. The Gallery Firefox 8 Stove a fantastic buy, have a look at the reviews online about this stove Stove Features Tested and approved to European Standard EN13240 Traditional cast iron construction 79% Efficiency Large Viewing Window Controllable secondary airwash system to maintain cleaner glass and aid combustion Controllable Output upto 8.5KW Suitable for use with wood, coal, coke. peat, anthracite or smokeless fuels Rotating riddling grate for easy de-ashing Black or Brushed steel handles Dual Position legs 100% British Design Flue Options Flue Size 6" (152mm) Flue Options Top or Rear flued If you need Flue pipe add as extra
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Firefox 8kw Multi-fuel stove DEFRA
Firefox 8kw Multi-fuel stove DEFRA
Average in size, the Firefox 8 Clean Burn Multi Fuel Stove still packs a style punch, featuring large curved feet and plenty of industrial detailing to the door. Suited to both modern and contemporary homes, it also provides 7.9KW output, for a warm and cosy feel whatever the size of the room. The Firefox 8 Cleanburn Stove from Gallery is an addition to our range from the 2011 - 2012 season shown and cut and slabbed granite hearth. Defra Approved for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood it's a great quality stove at a price everybody can afford don't take our word about the quality read reviews online it cannot be beaten at this price. Stove Features DEFRA APPROVED 7.9KW Output 77% Efficiency when burning Wood Top and Rear Flue option External riddling grate Clay brick lined Suitable for use with wood and smokeless fuel for smoke controlled zones Multi Fuel Use Good size viewing window Flue Options Flue Size 6" (152mm) Flue Options Top Flue and Rear Flue If you need Flue pipe add as extra
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Sale! Flexible Liner Kits
Flexible Liner Kits

Twinflex Professional 316 Liner Twinflex Professional is highly flexible and robust liners demanded and specified by countless professional installers who regard these superb liners quite simply as the ‘best’. Unlike typical liners, they have not been built down to the … Continued

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